About Us



Sarafu Trading exists to provide the tools needed to claim investment sovereignty outside of the grasps of underperforming financial entities that many individuals are funneled into. Our drive is to deliver powerful systems and tools that are capable of empowering our clients to see returns greater than ever once expected.

Sarafu is dedicated to putting your efforts in line with our own and ensuring that your project is completed with the same amount of care and thought as we do on our own algorithmic strategies. Our approach as programmers and financial engineers is to work with you in order to achieve the best results possible.

Our collaboration and out of the box thinking allows for a new level of complexity and efficiency to your strategy. The success of  Sarafu Trading is seeing the success of the strategies we develop for our clients.



Sarafu Trading consists of skilled individuals with years of experience in high finance, investment sciences and computer programming. This allows us to provide an exceptional level of understanding of your project in order to turn it into a functional and effective automated strategy or indicator.

Not only do we design and develop these strategies and indicators, but we use them personally. There is no point in selling a system or indicator that we haven't used ourselves and believe in thoroughly.

We are also traders!

Everyone involved in Sarafu is an avid trader who actually use the systems and components that we have available to offer. We take our own experience as traders to develop things that we find value in. We are a firm of traders, by traders for everyone.